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Hair Vitamins: Vitamins To Promote Hair Growth 

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Apple Cider Vinegar Wash: Apple cider vinegar is known for being a cure all for kinds of different things. The reason it works so well is that the vinegar gently cleanses the scalp, balances its pH, and helps to speed up growth.
What You’ll Need

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Water

Before getting in the shower, mix up 75ml of apple cider vinegar with one liter of water. While this seems like a lot you can store it for later uses. After preparing the mixture, hop in the shower and wash your hair with your favorite shampoo to get your hair completely clean. After washing, rinse your hair with a cup of the apple cider vinegar solution. You can do this process every time you wash your hair if you like.

Egg Mask: If you want shiny, strong hair you will want to increase the amount of proteins and vitamins that you use on your hair. Egg is really high in protein as well as Sulphur, Zinc, Iron, Selenium, and more. The high protein is what makes this egg mask the perfect tool for promoting hair growth.
What You’ll Need-

  • 1 egg white
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp honey

Mix all of these ingredients together in a bowl until they form a smooth paste. Apply this paste to your hair and scalp. Leave the egg mask on your hair for 2o minutes and then rinse with cool water. Finish up by Shampooing your hair with your favorite soap. You can apply an egg mask once a week to help promote healthy and shiny hair.

Potato Juice: While this one may seem rather weird, potatoes are actually full of vitamins like A, B, and C. This method is a great way of introducing more essential vitamins to your hair without needing to ingest them. If you are suffering from thinning hair, using potato juice may be a great method for you to try!
What You’ll Need-

  • 1 potato 
Peel and slice the potato.

Then, blend the slices in order to extract all of the potato juices. Apply the juice to your scalp and leave it to sit for about 15 minutes. Once the juice has set, wash your hair using a mild shampoo. You can do this method every time that you wash your hair.

Cayenne Pepper: This spicy mixture is great for stimulating hair growth and even prevent loss of hair. The reason behind this is that Cayenne Pepper has capsaicin in it, which causes the nerves of the scalp to activate and increase blood flow. The result is better absorption of much-needed nutrients and an increased chance of hair growth. Not to mention it’s a great wakeup call!
What You’ll Need-

  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper powder
  • 2 tsp olive oil

Mix the ingredients together in a small bowl and apply the mixture to your scalp. Pay special attention to areas where hair may be thinning. You will want to leave the mixture on your scalp for 10 minutes before rinsing with cold water. You can do this treatment once a month to help prevent hair loss and stimulate growth.

Coconut Oil: It isn’t surprising to discover that this amazing oil is great for your hair! Coconut oil is a wonderful natural conditioner that has been used for centuries. It not only keeps your scalp healthy and promotes the growth of new hair, but it also reduces dandruff, aids in broken hair repair, and reduces hair breakage and hair loss.
What You’ll Need

Massage the oil all over your scalp and keep it on overnight. We would recommend using a hair cover to keep your pillow from getting all greasy! In the morning, wash your hair with your favorite shampoo. You can use this method as often as you’d like!


There are so many great ways to take care of your hair and keep it looking its very best. From essential oils, special shampoos, supplements, and even ingredients straight from your own kitchen. While some of these methods may seem more far-fetched than others, always remember that what may work for one person, might not work for you, so don’t be discouraged! Keep trying new methods, have a healthy diet, and be sure to include plenty of vitamins and minerals into your daily routine. Following steps such as these will not only ensure that your hair is happy and healthy, but the rest of you is as well.

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