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Hairstyles For Medium Hair

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Easy and Cute Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Medium Hairstyles are commonly classified as the safety card. It may not have the same daring punch as a choppy bob, or the impact of luxurious long locks, but don’t let this middle-of-the-road gal fool you! Done right, a medium hairstyle is the multi-tasker of hair, providing styling versatility all while keeping a low-maintenance rep.
Now, you may yourself be wondering if a medium-length hairstyle will suit you well, and I will tell you that it will! Medium hair is the face-framing queen, being the perfect length to accentuate any face, regardless of age or hair-type! So don’t be shy, and cut your hair to this instant-cool length!

Read on our list of cute hairstyles for medium hair and ways to rev up your medium-length hair and ditch that boring safety card!

1Revamp That Boring Cut!

Your medium-length cut should never look this drab! To keep it interesting, ask your stylist to add some of these elements into your style during your next visit:

2Funky Fringe!

Fringe is shaped, shortly cut portions of hair designed to fall across your forehead! They are a great way to compliment a no particular face-shape, or to add a personal touch to a haircut.
Add some personality to your medium style by opting for a style of bangs that you feel suits your personality. For a more edgy vibe, follow Krysten Ritter’s idea with short and choppy fringe that is sure to be an attention-grabber! For a more elegant and classic feel, go for a longer fringe that sweeps to the side.

3Luscious Layers

Layers, in hair-cutting, are actual layers of hair that are created in a cut in order to give an illusion of increased volume as well as length. This means the “top layer”, the one located closest to the crown, will be shorter than the bottom layer!
The addition of layers can add more depth and volume than a blunt cut can! If you’re punky, get short, razor-cut layers all throughout your hair. Are you more of a professional type? Then consider a healthier dose, adding just enough starting below your cheekbones to your ends for enough to elegantly frame your face.


Balayage, a traditional French highlighting technique, is done freehand with a paddle! Instead of using foils or caps, the high-light processor, often a dye or bleach, is simply brushed on to chosen strands of hair in open air.
Balayage is a great idea for medium hair, because this specific technique will add depth and take the bleakness out of a solid color, but so so while having a more natural appearance in comparison to classic highlights!

5Vibrant Colors

To brighten up medium length hair in a new and fun way, think about changing your hair shade! If you’re daring, and you won’t be condemned at work, go for the pastel or gray shade trend! If your boss isn’t quite so lenient, maybe that honey blonde or deep rouge you’ve always admired will be more your style.

6Down Medium Hairstyles

Part Ways!

Simply change up your part to add a bold, chic vibe instantly!
Are you a straight-down-the-middle kind of girl? Then go deep! Draw an imaginary line from the outer corner of one of your eyes all the way up your forehead. This is where your fab side-part should begin!

7Braided Bangs

Sometimes, you just need to get your gorgeous mane out of your eyes! But what if you don’t want to tuck it away in hiding either?! I hold the answer: pull only part of it back instead. Plaits have come back from their kindergarten graves! Add a little elegance to your pulled back fringe by braiding it across the top of your forehead. Secured with two bobby pins (wavy side down, mind you!) and a spritz of your super hold hairspray, your hair will stay classy without the annoyance of that big chunk falling in your eyes every time you peek down.

8Pinned Bangs

Maybe you haven’t mastered a French braid, or maybe they simply aren’t your style. No worries! There’s a more simple version for you! Simply start by putting your hair in a side part, and gather the section of hair that usually enjoys flapping around in your face all day. Next, take a teasing brush and backcomb the backside gently. After that, simply pull the section backward, positioning it about two inches above your ear and use two bobby pins crossing eachother diagonally to secure and tame that flappy sassy hair section!

9Classic Victory Roll

For those of you vintage-loving rockabilly cuties out there, you already know what’s up! But if you’re not, don’t fret, you’re about to be enlightened!
Sometimes it actually is a good idea to take style cues from your granny. They sure knew how to rock their hair back in the ’40s! Their classic doo often consisted of a super teased, super rolled, front and center rock star called the victory roll. It’s fun, flirty, and best of all, no fuss once it’s up!

10Half-Up Top Knot

Half-ups have always been popular hairdos, but they are particularly becoming on medium length hair! They pull the entirety of the top sections of hair back and away from the face, making it ideal for an out-of-the-way style!
For a more sporty version of this hairstyle, gather the half-up section into a messy bun and tie off! This is a very trendy and fun hairstyle this season!

11Boho Braids

Mimic your bohemian sisters by placing a cute and sassy boho braid in your medium length hair. This boho braid will add a playful aura and a bit more polished personality to a simple down style.
Start by grabbing a one-inch thick section of your hair wherever you desire to place your braid. It can be in the very front of your hair, like the left photo shown above, or hidden in your locks, like the image on the right. Braid tightly for a classic look, or loosely for a more artsy bohemian vibe. Secure the end with a small clear hair band, and then spend some time admiring your awesome boho braid!

12Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are a staple summer hairstyle, and they work great on medium hair lengths! Because medium hair is not too short, it is long enough to curl, but it also isn’t so long that the length of the hair weighs down the curls to the very ends.
This style compliments medium-length hair well, because it adds volume and definition by separating usually straight strands. People also consider it to be a super chic style because of the carefree nature that is associated with it!

13Curl It Tight….

To accomplish several smaller and tighter curls such as those shown above, use a one-inch curling wand. Wrap strands nearest to the front away from the face, and hold for around seven seconds for each strand. Wrap all strands in the same direction for curls that can be brushed together, or opposite sides of each other for curls meant to be a little messier and more separated.

14Or Loose!

For a looser, more gentle version of the tight curls above, just exchange the one-inch curling wand for a two-inch wand. After all the curls cool, take a brush and gently run it through the curls to soften them and gather them together.

15Straight Frame

This is an easy and quick hairstyle to accomplish, but very flattering for face shapes for those with medium length hair.
To accomplish the look, you just need a straightener and some smoothing serum! Once you’ve heated up the straightener, straighten your hair like normal, with the only change flicking your wrist inwards towards your jaw at the end of the strand. This will push the ends inwards to frame the face!

16Put It Up! Faux Chignon

Create a legitimate-looking fake chignon updo for a quicker version of this classic and elegant look!
To accomplish it, brush all hair backwards, making sure to remove your part as well as any tangles in the hair. Then, take the sections closest to the front of either side of the face. One at a time, twist the strands back around the bottom edge of the hairline until reaching the middle of the back of the head. Then, secure with a clear hair tie. Repeat on the other side. After you have your two sections meeting together in the back, secure together with a regular hair tie and push the ponytail over and through itself to make the sections appear twisted together. Then, tuck the ends of the ponytail inside the twisted section neatly, and you have a super classy and romantic chignon without too much hard work!

17Braided Pony

This style is fun, cute, and unique! Medium length hair is long enough to stay within a braid, making it perfect for this style!
To copy this cute hairdo, simply start a associated French braid from the front of the crown and continue until only the ends remain. Instead of braiding them, put them in a regular high ponytail, and secure the style with an elastic hair tie!

18Top Knot

A classic messy bun on the top of the crown is perfect for any style of hair! For medium lengths, they are fun because the ends often peek out of the bun, giving a chic messy vibe.
To get the perfect top knot, begin by spritzing your whole head with a coat of sea salt spray to add texture and volume. Gather hair into a ponytail and tease the base with a teasing brush gently. Then, wrap the hair around itself loosely, not being careful to keep all the pieces in tightly. Then, secure with a hair tie, and gently squeeze and pull on some sections to create a purposefully messy look!

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