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The Best Taper Fade Haircuts For Black Men

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20 Taper Haircuts and Fade Haircuts for Men in 2015

The clean look and precise lines of taper fade haircuts have made them a staple among stylish, modern men. When done by a skilled barber or stylist, a faded haircut is a highly precise work of art. From the classic low fade worn by professionals in suits to high top, braided and mohawk fades popular with young trendsetters, tapered or faded cuts with precise lines and artistic designs are versatile and highly customizable. There is seriously an endless amount of styles and creativity that can be done. To help you choose which of the many styles is right for you, we’ve put together a list of 20 taper fade haircuts for black men. We hope you enjoy.

1Tapered fade cut with tapered Afro

This style mixes the precise lines and skill of a tapered fade haircut with longer curly Afro hair on top. Shaped at an angle, curls are growing up instead of sideways, which adds the illusion of height, while the faded sides create a gradient effect that’s clearly the work of a skilled stylist.

2Men in Black classic look

A classic men’s cut and Will Smith’s go-to style, this short cut is a bit longer on top with a slight fade at the temples. Natural black hair is styled with product to help define curls and provide some shine to match Will’s dapper suit and brilliant diamond earrings.

3Low fade with sharp line up

This low fade style features a completely connected beard that puts a unique spin on the look. A fade this gradual keeps hair looking uniform but more clean cut than if hair at the back and sides were left the same length as on top.

4Low juice cut with curved line

This juice cut style adds extra dimension and detail by using varying heights at the front of the cut, accentuated by the curved line detail. The low fade seen here shows off the texture of natural curls that are kept defined by using product and a curl sponge.

5Low fade with star design

One of Chris Brown’s many standout hairstyles, this particular cut features very short hair with precision line and star details added in. If the star detail doesn’t excite you, a talented barber or stylist can help you come up with your own unique design ideas.

6Long On Top Half Fade Mohawk

In this rockstar-inspired style, hair is left much longer on top and styled straight, while the back and sides are shaved in a close fade. For extra styling possibilities, hair on top can be twisted, braided, or left in natural curls.

7Short dreads with Fade

A style that’s become hugely trendy, this cut reimagines 90’s high top fades with short dreads or twists on top instead. If you scroll through Tumblr and Instagram you will see hipsters rocking this style with crazy kicks and awesome vintage clothing. For the full vintage-cool look, style with thrift store finds like old school athletic sweatshirts, Levi’s cutoff vests, and military style coats.

8Faded Mohawk

Although the mohawk style was once a sign of counterculture, it’s now popular in many different forms. This style represents a fairly subtle version, where hair tapers in the back, and the sides are faded instead of being shaved right down to the scalp. A beard adds an extra level of interest, but isn’t necessary to make this faded cut work for you. The Cuban link chain reminds us of the 90’s era with red Adidas jumpsuit.

9The Rough Hawk

A slightly edgier version of a faded mohawk, this cut features curls of varying lengths on top, while the fade is more concentrated at the sides of the head than the back. We love how Usher paired this with a casual look.

10High Top With Triangle Fade

This super high top cut is the perfect example of ‘90s style revival with the modern twist of cutting hair at the nape into a faded gradient triangle. These clean, horizontal lines add interest to the look while remaining more simple and refined than styles that feature complicated designs. If you really want to make a statement and turn heads this is the style that will do the job.

11Classic fade cut with rolled top

Miguel’s signature style is this side faded cut with a curled center. With a classic fade on the sides, this cut adds extra style by rolling hair on top into a pompadour shape that adds height to your look while helping facial features and jawline to stand out.

12Aztec print cut

A fashion and art icon, Kanye West let his head become the canvas when he wore this Aztec design fade. If you’re into a different fashion print — think leopard, zebra, or paisley — your talented stylist can make your hair a work of art, too.

13Platinum Blonde

When Chris Brown debuted his now infamous platinum hair, the Internet went crazy. In striking contrast with his black facial hair, it’s an edgy look that you can copy even if you aren’t a tabloid figure or multi-platinum recording artist. This platinum color looks best on cool or light olive skin tones, and men with deeper complexions should go for a warmer honey blonde instead.

14Faded flat top

Another huge trend back from the ‘90s, the flat top is a bold look that requires confidence in your personal style. The faded sides provide clean lines around the longer hair on top, while the pop of blue adds an extra dose of artistic edge. Try this look with your favorite pop of color, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also dye your eyebrows the same color to really turn heads and be the talk.

15Low Cut Mohawk

A different take on the standard mohawk, this cut combines the ‘hawk with a classic low fade. The hairline is cut in a geometric shape that gives this style a very avant garde quality, but it may be too daring and unusual for men who like to blend in with the scenery.

16Mohawk Mullet

While there aren’t too many people calling for a mullet revival, this haircut cleans up the ‘80s party style with a tapered fade on the sides, and clean lines in front. To make this cut pop and standout, grow the curls in the back long enough to put in twists or dreads, or add your choice of color to the nape area.

17Mohawk with curved line

Here we have a gradient Mohawk with a clean edge line up. This curly mohawk is nicely framed by a long curved line that gives the style a clean but edgy look. If you’re feeling fancy, consider adding patterns and designs into the line, or extra details in the faded hair below it.

18A Real Super Bowl Style

How big of a football fan are you? Would you get your favorite team cut into your next design? If wearing your team’s logo on your shirt doesn’t seem like commitment enough, you can wear it in your hair, too. NFL player Tiquan Underwood had the New England Patriots’ logo shaved into the back of his high top fade, in a style that takes some serious skill to pull off. This is perfect if you want to support your schools sport team or maybe you’re attending the super bowl and what better way to show that you’re a die hard fan!

19High top fade with blonde patches

Another cut that’s full of ‘90s flair, this offset high top cut is ultra trendy even without the added blonde contrast. Want to get even more creative? If you want to go even more over the top, try out patches in multiple colors, and pair this style with vintage clothing finds and your favorite gold chain, gold watch, gold bracelet, and gold ring (Pinky rings are totally 90’s).

20Textured high top fade

For guys who love fades but want to rock their natural texture, this textured ultra high top is an essential style. To keep this texture looking polished, set hair in twists overnight, then undo in the morning and add your favourite hair butter to emphasize texture, provide hold, and protect against humidity.

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